…Are we there yet?

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It’s Monday, December 15,2015 only 3 weeks shy into December and 17 days away from a new year and already I can’t help but to ask “Are we there yet?”. I can only speak for myself and maybe a few folks that I’ve had this conversation with but 2014 unlike all previous years before was for me and many members in my circle a year of internal and spiritual work. I’m not the same boy I was last year in fact more than ever I feel very much like a grown ass man, but more importantly I’m not the same soul I once was.

I knew this year was different from the start I just didn’t know how much I would change initially but I was very open to any transformation that needed to happen, even if it was something that would make me uncomfortable. I am complicated and a host of imperfections, many not seen by the human eye. I grew up with a lot of conflicts and traumas and I’ve been through a lot, just like everyone else. This year I came face to face with Me, Myself and I. I know that may sound strange but I personally believe theirs 3 sides to all of us. The physical human form (me), what society, family,friends etc have made you into (myself) and the spiritual form (I). This year I worked little as a stylist in fact I actually didn’t style one bit this year and it had nothing to do with the lack of work and or lost of passion but simply the fact that my life has always been ruled and motivated by the wrongs things.

We strive for success and with each success comes a lost. In an industry and world where everyone is out to get something the most valuable work that you can do is work on your self, your craft and gain knowledge of not only yourself but those before you. I know many people who know who they are but lack understanding of who they are and have lost clarity of the bigger picture using who they are and what they’ve become to help their community. This year I’ve gained a strong insight into who I am and full clarity to what my platform in life is and how to use that platform to give to the world. Now this journey all though mines had many concern and I’ve had moments where I’ve question my sanity.

I didn’t gain any material riches this year and I lost a lot this year however, I gained things that no matter the riches of the world one can never gain with out putting in work. We’ve all been brain washed to believe we are all brands a product that should be marketed and forget that products and brands have no souls and thus are made to be used and abuse and after consumption thrown away. Never look at yourself as a product. Focus on the business of your desired industry and while you work over time stepping up the ladder in your field put in work to building and maintaining your peace and happiness. eternal Happiness and peace comes from you. nothing and no one else will have the ability to make you happy entirely. You are accountable for your happiness and your peace. Evolve spiritually by observing, listening, thinking, analyzing and apply to transform life. Life without awareness is being asleep. Don’t age in life. Grow in Life.

I’m not sure what 2015 hold but I’m open to going deeper, to learn and to practice new things, so I may have the capacity in becoming solid, calm, and without fear, because more than ever our society needs more people like this. As my Brooklyn native Jay-Z once said “Put me anywhere on God’s green earth, I’ll triple my worth” 2015 is GAME TIME!!

Peace, Love and Light


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An unparalleled fixture in the fashion world, Daver Campbell is a distinguished stylist, editor and creative director, renowned for her effortless take on fashion. Having only 6 years in fashion and design industry, Daver has been herald as one of the most influential forces working in fashion today.

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